About the Math Program

Welcome to the Miramar College Math Department website. Here you will find information about our program, our course offerings and our faculty. You can also find information about support worshops and resources offered to our students.

Math Lab

The Math Lab is located in the second floor of the M Building. We offer walk-in tutoring, quiet study rooms, test proctoring services, workstations. Just come in and get the help you need from our friendly staff. Go to the Math Lab website for more information and opening hours.

Math Jam, Intersession Math Workshop

Math Jam is a free four-day program that offers the opportunity for students to improve their Placement Test results in Mathematics or prepare for math courses that they will be taking. The goal of Math Jam is to help students complete their Associates Degree and/or transfer requirements for a 4-year college/university in less time than previously possible and to feel more prepared for their math classes.


January 17 - 20, 2017
9AM - 1PM
Location: M206

For more information contact: rmoore@sdccd.edu

Dive-In Workshops

We offer refresher workshops the week before the start of the semester.  Do you have trouble remembering how to deal with fractions or solve equations? Feeling uneasy about your upcoming math class? Come to the Math Department’s Math Refresher workshops. In each workshop, you will have an opportunity to review key math concepts from previous courses, preview some content of your upcoming course, and learn about the supports the Math Department has to offer.
Information on location and times for the Spring 2017 Semester will becoming soon. Please check out this website for more information and review materials.


Math 15 Classes

The Math 15 classes are one-unit refresher courses with no prerequisites.

  • You can take a 15 class to strengthen your skills in a class that you already passed
  • You can take a 15 class to preview the next course
  • You can take a 15 class to challenge a course that you did not pass

Self-paced online format • Orientation, chapter tests and final exam in the Math Lab • On-campus review sessions available • Complete work on FREE online system • You can challenge a class by passing the 15 course AND a challenge test • Pass/No pass • No impact on GPA

Click here for more information.



General Infomation

Mathematics is the study of numbers, structures, and associated relationships using rigorously defined literal, numerical and operational symbols. Given certain conditions about systems of numbers or other objects, mathematicians derive conclusions based on logical arguments. Basic mathematical skills enable a person to solve numerical problems encountered in daily life, and more advanced skills have numerous applications in the physical, social and life sciences.

Program Goals and/or Outcomes

The mathematics curriculum includes courses that range from basic skills through differential equations. The basic skills and associate degree level courses provide students with the mathematical preparation necessary for study in other disciplines, as well as for degree and transfer requirements. Successful completion of this curriculum a mathematics degree will develop competence in mathematics through differential and integral calculus, providing an adequate background for employment in many technological and scientific areas as well as providing a firm foundation for students planning advanced study in mathematics, engineering, or physical sciences.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program the students will able to:

  • Demonstrate ability to apply mathematical skills to achieve academic and professional goals
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply critical thinking in problem solving
  • Demonstrate sufficient mathematical knowledge for further academic study in mathematics or related disciplines
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze and solve mathematical problems in everyday life