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The REC provides resources to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds so they can follow their passion and use technology and innovative approaches to turn ideas into impactful startups that solve big problems in the world!


We have launched the pilot program and are scheduling virtual workshops and mentor/advisor meetings.  In an effort to protect student health we have minimized face-to-face interaction and postponed the pitches, design clinic, and the hands-on workshops until the pandemic is under control.


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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, all meetings and events will be offered in a virtual format that can be accessed through Zoom at:

Please RSVP for events you will attend and stay healthy!

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Gazelle Path

  • Apply to Gazelle Path or join a team
  • 12-week program, 120 hours
  • 2 units $46/unit
  • 6 workshops minimum
  • 6 1:1 mentor meetings
  • 1 hour 1:1 legal counsel
  • Individual branding campaign
  • Coder/developer support
  • VR Lab
  • SBDC 1:1 advisor meetings
  • Feedback from VC’s & angel investors
What is a Gazelle Anyways?
What is a Gazelle Anyways?

All Students


  • Attend only the workshops you want
  • SBDC 1:1 advisor meetings
  • VR lab
  • Digital badging
  • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Learn more about the REC 
  • Receive feedback on ideas

SD Miramar College Campus

C103 & 105, 1st floor Diesel Technology Building

10440 Black Mountain Rd.

San Diego, Ca 92129


Wednesdays & Fridays

11:00 am – 7:30 pm         |  619 388-7933


Start a Gazelle!  

Very often the missing component that separates a small business from a scalable business is technology.   Learn how to start companies that are scalable by integrating technology into your business model. 


You don't need to be a "techie" to start a tech company.  We teach you how to turn a business into a gazelle by taking advantage of the latest developments in technology.  If you are a techie, we can help fill the skills gaps and turn your technology into a high-growth gazelle startup!


Ryan Vanshur being interviewed by Mike and Savannah at CourseKey HQ
Ryan Vanshur being interviewed by Mike and Savannah at CourseKey HQ


The Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab

Whether you want to start a company that is centered on virtual or augmented reality, or you just want to learn how you can integrate these technologies into your existing business idea, we can help. 


Through the Entrepreneurship program you can do everything from making flyers with a QR code that take visitors to an augmented reality advertisement on their phones, to creating a business that uses VR to teach children to read, and everything in between.  You bring the idea; we give you the tools to turn that idea into a scalable business.



Sign up for the Legal Consultation day at the REC on March 27.

Please them fill out this Google Form: 

The Gazelle Path Includes:

  • Intensive Mentorship: Creators meet regularly to receive one-on-one advice and guidance from successful entrepreneurs who have been through the process and can get your startup launch-ready
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality Lab: Access to the Virtual Reality Lab in the REC, VR & AR training; build a prototype using VR and earn digital badging
  • Coding App & Web Design: From bricolage to bootstrapping, we make sure you have the tech resources you need 
  • One-on-one Legal Advice & Law Workshops: Free individual legal consultations with attorneys from New Media Rights, LLC & workshops
  • Branding & Design Clinic: SDMC Mgrfx Squad & SDSU Graphic Design students will work one-on-one to create logos, identity graphics, slogans
  • Startup San Diego: REC creators have the chance to attend 2020 San Diego Start up Week to network with thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, students, and community leaders


Our regular events and workshops are always free and open to the public. All workshops are taught by subject-matter experts, CEO's, founders, educators, and other industry leaders.


Workshops are held weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays in afternoons and evenings and topics fall under four broad categories:


  • Characteristics & Mindset of Entrepreneurs
  • Idea-Stage Entrepreneurial Process
  • Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Process
  • Critical Skills for Success
Ryan Vanshur CourseKey CoFounder Speaking to Students
Ryan Vanshur CourseKey CoFounder Speaking to Students
Gregg Anderson 41 Orange Speaks to Students
Gregg Anderson 41 Orange Speaks to Students

Be a Speaker!

Be a Mentor!

BUSE 270 - Work Experience Course 

Please see the Student Guide and fill out the forms under Important Forms and Information

Work Experience Student Guide

SBDC Appointments at the REC

Appointment in room C105 (Miramar campus) 1:30-4:30 PM every Wednesday. Here's the procedure to schedule the appointments: 

1. To start, please click this link to the SBDC client registration:  

2. Here's the calendar link to schedule appointments:

3. Please connect with us at for any questions you may have. We're happy to help! 


Please sign up for the Mentor Mixer on 3/13 5-8 pm