Computer Business Technology

The Computer Business Technology program provides theory and hands-on training in major office systems, webpage design, and technology used to enhance productivity and communications. Students are prepared, through extensive coursework, with the necessary skills and knowledge for initial employment in the field of business.

Program Emphasis

Emphasis is on modern methods and updated software and equipment.

Degree & Certificate Programs

Computer Business Technology Catalog Miramar 2018-19


Career/Transfer Options

Students who complete the Computer Business Technology program will be able to work in various positions upon graduation, such as:

  • Entry-level administrative assistants
  • Entry-level webpage designers
  • Desktop publishers
  • Word processors in a variety of occupations

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Computer Business Technology Program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in using software applications to enter data, format and organize data, complete calculations, graph data, create templates, develop professional reports, forms, and queries, and produce professional looking presentations
  • Use graphical design principles such as desktop publishing and web site development to create and enhance electronic forms of communications
  • Perform various online business transactions including the use of different search techniques
  • Identify effective business communications skills

Catalog Pages

311 (CBTE)

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Degrees & Certificates

AA Degree AA or AS for Transfer AS Degree Certificate of Achievement Certificate of Performance Catalog Pages
    311 (CBTE)
        311 (CBTE)

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Wahid Hamidy M-107M (619) 388-7702

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