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The Biotechnology program is intended to provide students with an intensive laboratory skills development experience to meet entry-level employment requirements in the biotechnology industry. Topics covered in the program include the fundamental chemical processes common in prokaryotic and eukaryotic biology, chemistry of bio-molecules (proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids and lipids), cellular and molecular biology, basic immunology, and classical and molecular genetics with an emphasis on gene expression and genetic engineering. The program courses address skills and techniques common to the biotechnology industry.

Career/Transfer Options

The following list is a sample of the many career options available for students in the biotechnology program:

  • Health Technician
  • Biotechnology Technician
  • Lab Assistant

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Biotechnology program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with current scientific lab techniques.
  • Demonstrate and apply the proper method of scientific notation when creating laboratory reports required for an entry level position in the Biotechnology field.

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290 (BIOL)

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        290 (BIOL)
        290 (BIOL)
        290 (BIOL)

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