Reprographics & Mailroom

Faculty Mailboxes

Faculty mailboxes are located in N-103. Each faculty member should check his/her box prior to each class. Only instructors, staff and authorized personnel are allowed in N-103; under no circumstances are students allowed in this area. Mail can be released only to the instructor unless prior arrangements are made with the Repro Center. Students must take any correspondence/messages for instructors to N-203, the Office of Instruction.

U.S. Mail

All outgoing U.S. mail must arrive with a completed postage slip at the Mailroom by 8:30 a.m. in order to be processed by pick-up deadline. Please remember to indicate your department as a return address; otherwise mail will be opened to determine which department to charge for postage, and to write that return address on the envelope.

The Reprographics Center (Repro) assists faculty and staff with clerical and duplicating needs in the preparation of instructional materials. Reprographics assistance includes:

  • Duplicating/copying (NCR, card stock, bond paper)
  • Stapling/collating/cutting/padding/3-hole punching/folding/laminating/binding/production of signs
  • Word processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Mail services
  • Voicemail system
  • Telephone services

Word processing can be submitted to the Center via email by using the address, or in the drop box located in the mailroom (N-103) and in N-102.